You want a successful business that makes you good money.

But you still want to enjoy your life too, riiiight?!?

But managing and running a successful business, while juggling all life throws at you is a lot!

Sure, some days you manage to pull it all off (and feel like a superhero), but most days it feels like you hustle hard, only to end the day feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

That work-life balance you always envisioned just isn’t happening.

Because before you even shut down and climb into bed, you already have a million things on tomorrow’s to-do list – not just in your business but in your life too.

You’ve gotta:

+Excel in business

+Manage a household

+Be a good mom

+Love your partner

+Earn an income

+Pay the bills

+Update your website

+Maintain a social life

+Drink enough water


+Stay active on social media

+Text everyone back

+Email everyone back

+Maintain your cool

+Keep everyone alive

+Make sure there’s coffee and dog food and toilet paper and snacks and, and, and-

All while SOMEHOW enjoying life.

The tough truth is, no matter how much you do, you still feel behind.

It can feel impossible to create a successful, profitable business and still be able to enjoy your life.

And frankly, sometimes it feels like you’re just going to lose your shit! (Always followed by massive guilt, right?)

If it sounds like I’m reading your mind, it’s really because I’m reading my own.

I know exactly how it feels to be an overwhelmed, jack-of-all trades lady boss struggling keep up with it all.

I know how it feels to take a leap of faith. To launch a business, leave a 9-to-5, and commit to seeing it through.

I know how it feels to want to increase my income and still have time to do what I love, and to feel overwhelmed about exactly how to do it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. (Cue: glorious harp music and the clouds parting.)

I’m Christa Conn, and I help busy business women just like you (and me!) manage their business and life without all
the overwhelm.
It’s all about systems for working smarter, not harder, so you have the income and the freedom to enjoy your life.
I’ll say it again:
so you can enjoy. your. life.

Once upon a struggle-bus-of-a-time, I was working in a corporate regional job for a fortune 500 company managing million dollar branch offices.

And, of course, during my “non-working” hours I was managing my house, bills, groceries, cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry—everything! Add in trying to spend as much time with my 2 young kids as I could + taking care of my dogs + wanting to spend more quality time with my husband.

Somehow, I seemed to get it all done—but I felt chaotic and stressed and depleted doing it. I’d end up blowing up at my husband or kids, and then feel extremely guilty and mad at myself.

“What kind of person have I become?!” “Is this really how I want to live?!”

I wanted to have it all – a job I love, the income I wanted, and the time to be with my family or on my yoga mat!

So I started my business as a side hustle.

And I do mean hustle! I was killing it at my 9 to 5 – getting promotions, teaching workshops on business planning, the ideal client experience and marketing to the affluent. And I put in a lot hard work and long hours coaching and teaching yoga on the side too. It wasn’t easy, and I sacrificed a lot. But I really did believe I could be my own boss one day.

FINALLY, my side-hustle and late-night laptop parties started to pay off, and I had almost replaced my corporate pay check!

I left my 9 to 5 behind after a year and a half!

To say I was excited would be an understatement!! I was f’ing THRILLED!

Now, I’d have so much more time to grow my business, connect with my clients, play with my kids, love my husband, hang with my friends, go to yoga……

Yeah, not-so-much.

About 2 months into full-time entrepreneurship, I was exhausted. Overwhelmed. And stressed out – again!

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to be!” “Will I ever feel like I have it together?!”

I had reached my complete breaking point. (You know the one, where you just want to lock yourself in the bathroom and not come out to face the 3 million things you need to do? I did that. Literally, while sobbing on the phone to my mom.)

I eventually picked myself up off the floor (celebrate the small wins!), determined to run a successful business AND have time to enjoy my life.

Heck, if I could help multi-million dollar businesses organize their procedures and plan their strategies, I should be able to get my own business together right?!?

Turns out, I could.

Enter: Strategy, systems & support.

It took aligning my business and life goals and creating a strategy to achieve both.

It took asking for and hiring the support I needed.

It took working smarter, not harder and sticking to a daily action plan I felt good about each day.

It took making mistakes but growing from them.

It took some major mindset work to stay motivated to reach those goals.

The biggest difference maker? Implementing plans and systems for bringing in money and still enjoying that business-life balance too!

As I became my own strategist I became huge fan of systems and anything I could possibly put on autopilot. This was the first step to freeing up time and really helped me feel a lot less overwhelmed.

And then when it came to those moments when stress wins (because they still pop up) there was my yoga and meditation—the breathing, the presence, the gratitude, the letting go is amaaaazing!

I found so much peace. And finally with the combination of organized strategy, productive scheduling, and taking care of my mind and body, I finally felt like a whole person again.

That overwhelmed, stressed-out, exhausted woman within started to fade.

I finally felt like I could rock business AND life!

I finally grew my income!

I finally had freedom!

And I wanted to share this goodness with others. Especially because it’s TOUGH to do it without a clear plan or someone to help you stay on track.

Since I became a business strategist and a get-your-shit-together mentor (official titles, thankyouverymuch), I’ve helped women just like you ditch the overwhelm and stress, and create a business that gives them the income and freedom to enjoy your life, your business, your partner, and your kids.

Whether you’re just launching a business on the side or expanding on an already-successful foundation, I work with women who are ready to outsource and systematize those tasks that no longer serve them and grow a balanced business that allows them to enjoy life.

Because it’s not only possible, it’s powerful.

XOXO, Christa

If you’re ready for more income & more freedom…

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Psst: When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me at the baseball field with my son, William, or dance class with my daughter, Carsyn. Cooking food with my handsome husband. Getting upside down on my yoga mat. Throwing the tennis ball with my dogs, Rosie and Chili, while my little yappy dog, Farley, runs in circles around them. Or we could be having an epic family dance party in my kitchen. Some of my favorite nights are spent sipping wine with my girls, binge watching Netflix with my hubby, or dancing at a concert with both my guy and my girls by my side! Because you can only do yoga so many hours a day 😉

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